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10 Lessons To Learn About Healthy Living


10 Lessons To Learn About Healthy Living

Everyone’s talking about living a healthy lifestyle, but this buzzword has gotten out of hand. Now everyone is trying to find the secret to health, but in the process, they complicate things. Take healthy living with a grain of salt, because in the process you’re bound to learn these ten lessons.

  1. Just a simple brisk walk will do – judging by the quantity of articles with crazy new fitness moves and ways to burn calories as quickly as possible, you’d think to get the amount of exercise you need would require tons of equipment and godlike agility and endurance. It doesn’t have to be so complicated, going for brisk daily walks will do just fine.
  2. Don’t diet – dieting doesn’t work. The point of healthy living is creating your lifelong diet, one that’s sustainable. Diets are a short term fix and one that usually leads to more weight gain once you stop it.
  3. Health is about balance – lots of people take healthy living to the extreme, but if you are working out for hours every day or find yourself only drinking instead of eating, you may have forgotten that health is about balance. Remember that most things work best in moderation.
  4. Peace is a process – sometimes you see videos or articles about the fastest way to learn to meditate or so many days to inner peace. Honestly, that’s just crazy – finding inner calm shouldn’t be a race, it’s a personal process that takes time, and that’s okay.
  5. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all eating plan – you’ve probably heard of paleo, vegan, raw, and many more diets, and each one claims to be the best diet plan. The truth is, there isn’t a secret recipe for healthy living. Instead of creating rules and restricting what you eat, making healthier choices daily by choosing fresh, whole foods and cooking at home will bring you health and peace of mind.
  6. You may need to try new ways to manage stress – sure, lots of studies show how deep breathing and meditation can help, but you aren’t everyone. If you feel uncomfortable and like your mind is exploding or something isn’t helping, try different ways to manage your stress or different techniques.
  7. Your relationships are part of your health – when we think about our health we kind of look inward in a natural, but egotistical way. Everything becomes about yourself, but your relationships are just as important as getting exercise and eating well.
  8. The environment matters, too – along the same line, engaging in nature and your physical environment (and taking care of it) is also important. There’s so much out there that’s much bigger than our small daily bubbles, and focusing on the environment can help us see the big picture, but we also need to make an active effort to take care of the earth we live on because it’s part of us.
  9. No, Sleep is not underrated – It’s time to face it – Your sleep is very important. It helps you form memories, re-energize, and of course, helps balance your hormones, and affects your mood and attention. Sleep affects pretty much every area of your life, so get enough of it. Enough said.
  10. Sometimes less is more – Have you ever noticed that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about material things or possessions? It’s about finding a wellbeing and inner happiness and health that comes from within, not an outside source. Try to let go of some of the importance you put on material items and realize that what truly matters are the less tangible parts of life.

Trying to live healthy every day is commendable, and all of us should give it a try. It has a popular appeal, and maybe that’s why so many people are writing about it. At the same time, that leads to a lot of articles designed for consumption and studies about specific foods and researchers who try to figure out what the cause of obesity and disease are.

Obviously, we shouldn’t stop searching, but right now we don’t know for certain what’s “bad” and what’s “good” for us. Sure, there are a few clear-cut things – smoking is dangerous, and packaged foods aren’t as healthy as cooking with whole foods yourself. We’ve got some ground rules, but they are basic! Don’t make healthy living more complicated than it needs to be; it will just interfere with your balance and cause more stress. Just take a deep breath, and find your path to health.

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Meighan Sembrano has done her Mass Communication degree. In her free time, she likes to write about Health, Lifestyle Fitness, Glozine world news and Beauty. She is an author at Consumer Health Digest since 2012. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.