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10 Must-Do’s Before You’re No Longer Single

Single Life

10 Must-Do’s Before You’re No Longer Single

You’re single and perhaps a little lonely at times, but things really aren’t all that bad. Before your chance at love comes around (and it will), look on the bright side. You have time to get to know yourself and the people around you. You have time to relax and be selfish. Most of all, you have the freedom to fill your life with some pretty exciting things without hesitation!

Can’t think of fun and beneficial things to do before you commit? Girl, we know just what you need:

  1. Travel with your bestie- There’s no better travel companion than your better half! And no extra baggage, other than the cool items you snag while you’re away.


  1. Get your fitness on- Working out helps your body release endorphins (chemicals that trigger positive feelings). Not only will you look and feel on top of the world, you’ll radiate good vibes all around!


  1. Network. Network- Meet as many interesting souls as you possibly can. There’s something to learn from everyone. Open yourself up to a world people who can connect you with the right things you’ll need to get ahead.


  1. Volunteer- Time is on your side Single Lady, so offer it to a good cause. You’ll gain valuable and meaningful experiences, and a sense of purpose as you make the world a better place.


  1. Go back to school- Because everybody loves a smart woman. And plus, you may find a tutor that inspires you and is totally cute!


  1. Get financially savvy- Know how much you make and how you should spend it, without distraction. The last thing you need is to worry about poor financial decisions the moment someone great steps into your life.


  1. Nail your style- Give that wardrobe what it wants; great clothes that give you a sense of identity and confidence.


  1. Connect with you- This is the best time to do it. Learn who you are and embrace things you like about yourself. Identify the things that need


  1. Binge watch your favourite shows- You’re single, so no need to share the remote! Enjoy it while you can sister.


  1. Do something you’re scared of- Challenge yourself and get out of the comfort zone. Whether it be sky diving out of a plane, joining a theatre or holding a tarantula, you can do it!