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10 Tips for Easy Summer Entertaining


-Post by A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

Now that summer has pretty much arrived, it has brought along with it a seemingly endless stream of parties and get togethers with friends and family. But I’m not complaining because I truly love spending time with my closest and most favourite people!

There’s just something about warm summer air and green grass that makes people want to spend time together over great food…and often times these shin digs are impromptu.  I actually like last minute get togethers a lot more than the ones you take forever to plan.  I think it’s because when you’re planning on the fly, somehow the pressure is off because you don’t have a lot of time to stress about the details, and so it seems more casual?  Who knows. But I do know parties are fun!

The key to entertaining (and enjoying it) is to keep it simple.  The more easy going my approach, the better time it is for everyone.  With a few simple decorations, a lot of good food and great company you are guaranteed to have a good time!  I took my own advice when planning my daughter’s 12th birthday last weekend…simple food, simple decorations and a lot of giggling!

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