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2016 Pop Culture Relevant Halloween Costumes

2016 Pop Culture Relevant Halloween Costumes

Gabby Altman, sheblogs

Deciding on what to wear for Halloween may be one of the toughest decisions you will make all year! Not only do you want to look super cute and maybe a little bit spooky, but you want to be original and stand out from the crowd. Time to throw away your cat ears and get original with the following pop culture relevant Halloween costumes.

Damn Daniel

This costume is absolutely perfect for the last minute girl who wasn’t expecting to go out. Not only do you probably already own all of these items in your closet, but you will most definitely be super comfortable in a classic white tee and jeans. For this costume I suggest slapping on a ‘Daniel’ name tag so you don’t have people asking you all night what you’re supposed to be!


Dog Snap Chat Filter

Last year it was the rainbow throwing up snapchat filter, but this year the dog filter was all the rage. You can walk around like your favourite filter in real life, and even dress up with your friend going as the Dalmatian. For this look, a faux fur jacket, suede pants, brown boots and dog ears will pull the outfit together seamlessly. You can also add a dog collar and a snapchat cut out to accessorize!


One of The Final Five

This year the Olympics represented girl power! While the Final Five gymnastics team are American, they are super fierce and all eyes were on them this Olympic season. Pull out your bodysuit and grab your old dance medals. And don’t forget your scrunchie! But seriously, who wouldn’t want to be Simone Biles?


Pokemon Go Trainer

The Pokemon trend was brought back into style this year with Pokemon Go. People went absolutely crazy over the game and everywhere you went, you would see ‘Pokemon Hunters’. Dress up as a trainer, or better yet your favourite Pokemon. Group costume? Dress up as the whole Poke-gang!



So technically Adele’s album ’25’ came out in 2015, but the goddess was still played on the radio practically 24/7 this year. If you know Adele, then you’ll know that she loves wearing black. Wear an elegant black dress and carry around an old school wired-phone. Keep saying ‘Hello It’s Me’ to people around you so they truly understand who you are!


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Happy Halloween-ing!