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4 Design Ideas for Your Conservatory



4 Design Ideas for Your Conservatory

Veronica Pembleton, Lifestyle Writer

There are those who LOVE to revamp their homes with all the latest interior design trends. However, with the price of furniture and rejuvenating your home, the whole ordeal can be drawn out and extremely difficult. It makes it increasingly hard with the amount of ‘dream home’ images that are shared and found on social media. Regardless of the amount of trends that are out there, it’s time to move away and take a look into 4 timeless design ideas for your conservatory. It’s time to bask in the glory of your own home and move away from the unrealistic ‘dream homes’. Here we have listed four design ideas just for you!


Consider The Flow Of Your Room/ Home

When you expand or extend your home with a conservatory, many people value it as an individual room. This can cause a décor and interior design problem as it makes the flow of your home look uneven and staggered. Match the style and décor with the nearest room and see how you can make it seem seamless. Bring both your living room and conservatory furniture together making it seem like the same room. Keep it both simple and consistent and you’ll reap the benefits of a timeless décor.


More Or Less Colours?

Move away from the generic colours and move to vibrant colours, adding some adventure to your home. It terms of design, fortune will favour the brave, helping your home stand out and become aesthetically pleasing to each and every eye. Have fun and explore with the colours at your disposal and you may find yourself loving the interior design. With conservatories, it can be difficult to add any colour into them, as they will certainly arrive in block colours. However, use the colour as a reason to add something a little different! It’s time to move away from the neutral colours and time to move to bolder and brighter.



Lighting may seem the most obvious, but without natural light, envisioning a room can be hugely difficult. Whether you are taking a look at adding certain blinds, or curtains to the fold, natural light should be your number one aim. Once it becomes dark, take a look at different fairy lights or lamps that will be available at a low cost and add a cozy feeling to your conservatory.


Bringing The Outside Inside

As well as natural light, you should consider bringing plants into your home. No matter the size or style it’s important to bring plants in, in order to switch the focus away from the décor. Whether you use greenery or outdoor accents, it’s important to add something a little different that brings life into your home!