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5 Fall Must Watch New Shows

5 Fall Must Watch New Shows

We’re excited for Fall leaves, pumpkin chai tea, and all of our favourite TV shows coming back from hiatus! With so many shows out there, it’s hard to know what to watch. Look no further. Here is your ultimate guide to finding your favourite new TV shows this Fall

  1. Easy

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    Always struggling to find a good show on Netflix? Easy is just that – easy to watch, easy to relate to, and easy to follow. The show is an anthology series that explores the lives of different yet intertwined characters living in Chicago. It touches upon the modern fumblings of love, sex, technology and culture. I watched the whole thing in one sitting, so clear your schedule and get ready to binge watch!

  2. This Is Us
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    This show will absolutely be the topic of conversation among all of your friends this season. The tearjerker follows a handful of characters all born on the same day. Their lives all curiously intertwine, demonstrating the raw power of human connection and the struggle of the human condition. With a mere two episodes premiering thus far, a myriad of twists and turns have already occurred, making us absolutely addicted!

  3. High Maintenance
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    Hailing from a Vimeo web series, High Maintenance has made it big time and landed a spot on HBO. The show follows a ‘professional’ and his eccentric clients. It delves into the dynamic elements of their lives whether it be highly unpredictable to rather mundane. If you can’t get enough of the 3 episodes that have already premiered, check out the web series which is just as great.

  4. Transparent Season 3

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    Okay, so technically this isn’t a brand new show this season, but season 3 of this series is just too good not to get a shout out. In case you haven’t already watched season 1 and 2 (which I highly recommend if you haven’t), Transparent captures the life of a Jewish family whose father comes out as transgender. The series is incredibly well done, and season 3 is the best yet!

  5. Atlanta

    atlantaImage Source

    Full disclosure, I haven’t actually watched this show yet, but it stars Donald Glover so that’s good enough for me! The series is semi-autobiographical, following Glover and cousin who rediscover their love for music and are encouraged to make it big in the industry.

Any favourites we’ve missed? Continue the conversation on Twitter!