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8 Dating Faux Pas You Know You’ve Made

Dating Faux Pas

8 Dating Faux Pas You Know You’ve Made

Dating is hard. Whether you will admit it or not. The theory behind dating seems simple and pretty straight forward, yet sometimes we still manage to screw it up. It doesn’t matter if you are on your first date or on your 50th, we can all admit to doing one (or more) of the following dating faux pas:

1. Being ‘fashionably late’: We’ve all been there, done that. But let’s face it, making someone wait for you is one of the worst things to do when you are meeting up for a date.

2. Bad/Lack of location choice: Have you ever been stuck in this conversation?

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know what do you want to do?”

The most gruelling decision ever. Not only do you waste half an hour deciding what type of food both of you “feel” like eating, but you’re also starting the date off to a bad start. Be prepared! Figure out what you “feel” like eating before hand and have a place in mind. Also, try not to schedule things too late. There’s nothing worse than the Valentines Day scramble for a restaurant that will take last minute reservations.

3. The phone cling: Picture this; you’re at a romantic dinner with your loved one. You’ve spent hours getting ready and you’re dressed to the nines. You glare in their eyes and they glare back. Everything is perfect…and then you hear it. The obnoxious buzz of their phone. Annoying right? If this annoys you, then it probably annoys them. So get off your phone. Give your date the undivided attention that they deserve.

4. Bad conversations: No one likes a know-it-all, a complainer, or an emotional wreck. If you find yourself talking about your problems or entire life story…stop! If you begin to talk about your ex…pleaseeee stop! Your date is not your psychiatrist, so please do not treat them like one.

Faux Pas

5. Drinking too much: This is a major faux pas! The last thing your date wants to do is carry you home from what was supposed to be a romantic evening.

6. Slacking on attire/hygiene: Before putting on your eating pants, think to yourself, am I dressed appropriately for a date? Chances are that if you call them your eating pants, you are not. Don’t wear clothes that are stained, wrinkly or torn. If your date took the time and effort into looking their best, so should you.

7. Forgetting your table manners: The BBQ sauce on the side of your face is not too attractive. Avoid foods that are difficult to eat gracefully like saucy wings or salads that require you to open wide when taking a bite. If you don’t, your date will not be pleased to see you licking your fingers or chomping on large mouthfuls. Your parents taught you etiquette for a reason.

8. Inviting friends: Please don’t bring along your friends when your date thinks it’s just the two of you. If you see someone you know, do not invite them over to your table. This is time to spend with your date and not your friends. It sends the message to your date that you need other people involved in order to have a good time.