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Body-Shaming Trolls Beware! This Lane Bryant Ad Is Perfect!

Body-Shaming Trolls Beware! This Lane Bryant Ad Is Perfect!

Meri Temudo, Lifestyle Writer

The latest Lane Bryant “This Body” Fall 2016 campaign intends to put a stop to body-shamers everywhere. Internet trolls with body-negative replies are shot down with responses from five ultra stunning full-figured ladies of Hollywood – all of which do not have the traditional “model body” type.

Model and activist Ashley Graham, Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks, and Alessandra Garcia and Candice Huffine all appear on screen in this very powerful clip. Each one pictured in their undergarments and confidently strutted in front of cameras for this very playful ad. Celebrating their bodies while responding to actual comments posted to social media.

video source: Lane Bryant

The campaign has taken over social media and has been embraced widely by women of various shapes and sizes. Its aim is to redefine the traditional definition of sexy a mission to show that all women – of various shapes and sizes are indeed worth celebrating and we think it is perfection. They took a spin on hateful posts posted to social media about their bodies and resorted to making their haters witness their highs instead of their lows with quirky comments and body positive responses. The video ends with the women reading the positive replies they have received through social media as well – refreshing and uplifting to say the least.

Consequently the ad has almost 2 million views on Facebook, and has women now commenting with their own photos aided by captions and positive messages. Lane Bryant’s message at the end of the ad is simply : “Spread the shine.” Since lunched, the hashtag #ThisBody has also gained traction¬†– let’s just hope it keeps its momentum and teaches all generations to love their bodies.