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Breakup Shakeup: The 5 Best Books To Get You Over It


Breakup Shakeup: 5 Best Books To Get You Over It

Okay – so you guys weren’t on a break then, but now you most definitely are, and this one is indefinite. You’ve said sayonara, packed up your things, and you’re ready to spread your newly-single wings and fly.


Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Curling up in bed with Netflix is all a part of the grieving process, right?

If your love life’s been feeling a little more Rachel-Ross than Chandler-Monica, don’t let it get you down in the dumps. You shouldn’t despair in the first place, because you are one hot tamale and takeout-for-two is waaaay overrated, but we get it – sadness happens.

Except today’s a new day.

We’ve rounded up the best reads to get you out of bed (while you, ironically, read them there), into the world and embracing your inner “Sasha Fierce”. There ain’t no lady like a single lady – and it’s time for you to love being the new you!

The Breakup Bible


            While you may eschew anything self-help, trust us on this one – it’s a classic. Author Rachel Sussman has a thoughtful and empathetic way with words, and her three phases of healing can help shed light on your situation– not only on your past relationships, but on what you want going forward. Available on or at your local Indigo/Chapters.

 Man’s Search for Meaning


            PSA: this is definitely not a book about breakups. Rather, it is an immersive story on the life of Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and mental giant. If you’re looking for something to completely fall into, this is the read for you. Frankl’s story is heartwarming and has topped the “Ten Most Influential Books Ever Written List.” For Frankl, the true meaning of life is found in every moment it is lived. Now that, ladies, is an ideology to live by. Available on or at your local Indigo/Chapters.

 Getting Past Your Breakup


            Susan Elliot’s practical, no-nonsense tips on moving forward are ideal for the person searching for concrete advice on what to do next. Available on or at your local Indigo/Chapters.

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim


            Again, no breakup book here. This collection of short stories by acclaimed novelist David Sedaris will have your tears of sadness swapped for those of hysterical laughter. For anyone needing an escape from the everyday, Sedaris presents with the hilarity of an ordinary, extraordinary life. Available on or at your local Indigo/Chapters.

Tiny Beautiful Things


            Of Wild fame, Cheryl Strayed is at it again with her latest novel, Tiny Beautiful Things. This book – a compilation of Strayed’s best work as “Dear Sugar” advice columnist at The Rumpus – is an insightful, courageous, and brutally honest reminder that we’re all made stronger by our hardships. Available on or at your local Indigo/Chapters.