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Bumping It Up At The 2016 Emmy’s

Bumping It Up At The 2016 Emmy’s

Meri Temudo, Lifestyle Writer

The world was taken aback by the stunning Kerry Washington and her baby bump yesterday on the 2016 Emmys red carpet. Sometimes events make headlines the moment a celebrity steps out of their comfort zone and into something unlike society has ever witnessed before. This is one of those moments. Everyone is talking about how beautiful Kerry was as she strutted her gorgeous self, and her ever growing belly down that carpet – the internet and media can’t get enough, after all baby bumps and mommies are
always a pleasure to see, right?



Image by: Huffington Post

The 39-year-old actress turned heads in a custom black, Brandon Maxwell simple, cut-out gown that made a statement while still remaining understated. She is currently pregnant with her second child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha, and while this is without a doubt not her first rodeo – she nailed it by media standards. Perhaps media just have a soft spot for celebrities baring baby bumps. Or perhaps whenever a celebrity is featured pregnant at any sort of event/gala they are glamorized for simply being
there, for attending with little extra weight on them. A really ironic comparison to women in everyday life – including celebrities off the red carpet. Take Kelly Clarkson for example, headlines went crazy posting photos of her then baby bump and no-makeup rendezvous while strolling street side. Would those headlines be any different if she were glitzed and glamoured up in full makeup and hair walking the read carpet? Sure would!

Seems like Kerry Washington’s gown with a cut-out just above the belly and a strapless neckline, showed off her most precious of assets to say the least. Strategic – giving the media just a little peak at her ever growing belly, and a reason to stop anyone in their tracks with her beauty. But would the tables be turned if she was spotted walking the streets in her sweats? Of course!


kerryImage by: Huffington Post

As a former pregnant woman, I can only imagine that being in the spotlight does come with expectations, especially when on the red carpet, but I can’t help but think that perhaps we as a society judge a little too much on appearance when it comes to women. Big belly, large backside, plastic surgery, natural beauty – pregnant or not, a woman’s overall body size seems to always come into question within Hollywood circles. When a male celebrity is spotted both on and off the red carpet, are they judged with equal effort or are we constantly pointing fingers at the women? You be the judge, weigh in on social!

Featured Image by: Serial Crush