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Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks For Summer 2014


Summer is finally in full fledge. The nights are longer, the drinks get colder, the music gets louder and so much more is out there for us to see and do. Sure, this is the perfect time to enjoy soaking up the simple things like hangin’ with your best buds in the backyard or taking a thoughtful stroll down the beach on a sunny day but there are also tons of exciting things to do, places to visit and experience across Canada that will totally make your summer worthwhile. Wingin’ it can be a good course of action, but we thought we could provide our readers with our top summer picks to add to make certain that the next few months are unforgettable.



 Who doesn’t love sharing good food and having conversation with good friends at a restaurant patio that has ambiance that is surely up to snuff? At sheblogs, each of our editors have an inner foodie in them with a variety of tastes, experiences and recommendations. Some of us preferred Asian fusion, others a classic steakhouse, but we did manage to come to agree that our absolute fav restaurant to wine and dine at this summer is Earls Kitchen & Bar. We chose this North American restaurant chain (which doesn’t really feel like a chain at all) simply because we can truly tell that their world-class team of chefs are always looking outside the box for inspiration.  We found new ingredients on the menu and learned about the various cooking methods they use from far away lands. No matter what you are feeling up for, this place has everything on the menu from Mediterranean, Korean, Japanese, Mexican to European dishes that will make your taste buds say thank you.

 Earls Kitchen & Bar has launched a whole new fresh summer menu that is totally worth checking out. Their variety of seasonal salads like the Champagne Berry Spinach Salad are quite delicious, refreshing, and will compliment your summer dining experience like no other.

Check it out here-



Temperatures are rising and there are a variety of ways to stay cool but nothing does the job like a cool, crisp cocktail. Many of us are entertaining in our homes and backyards and it’s only natural to want to serve the most appropriate summer drinks to our valued guests.

We’ve been noticing White Wine Sangria everywhere. We love it because although sangria made with red wine has quenched our thirst to our satisfaction throughout the years, a nice Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc gives this cocktail a new twist that can’t be reckoned with. The white wine and aromas work perfectly with the flavours of many citrus fruits that are found in the traditional recipe. But why stop there? You can even try mixing some fresh honeydew melon slices or lovely pineapple. The possibilities are endless for the White Wine Sangria so we strongly recommend trying one out when you’re out on a date or getting creative with your drink menu when entertaining guests.

Click here for a White Wine Sangria Recipe



 If you’re living out in the West coast or plan to visit the Vancouver area, you may want to check out the Rocky Mountaineer this summer. This attraction is the largest privately owned passenger rail service in North America that travels all throughout the Canadian Rockies. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery is remarkable. Looking to kick it up a notch? You can purchase the Rail & Alaska Cruise package. Other locations include beautiful Whistler and even Seattle. Group packages are available for those traveling in numbers.

This is the best time of year to see the sights, especially in our own beautiful country so you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most spectacular and unforgettable travel experiences in the world! There’s no wonder we picked the Rocky Mountaineer as THE sight to see this summer. It has won a smorgasbord of awards over the past few years such as “Best Life Changing Trips” by Travel + Leisure Magazine Western Living and  “Top 10 North American Train Trips” by National Geographic.

Click here to check it out



 Grab your hat n’ boots and head over to Calgary this summer to attend the 2014 Calgary Stampede! With numerous award-winning facilities, the Stampede has hundreds of events happening all summer long with entertainment for the whole family that will surely get you into the Western Spirit. You might want to catch a Shania Twain or Keith Urban concert, a fresh produce exhibit or even a championship horse show. We chose the Stampede over in Calgary because it’s something unique and iconic for Canadians. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s tons of excitement happening here that you can cram into your visit to Calgary.

Click to explore the Calgary Stampede 2014 



There is always a long list of summer concerts and it is often difficult to choose one over the other, but this summer the choice is obvious.  The one thing you must experience is Queen Bey and Jay Z live for their summer stadium tour ‘On The Run’.  This tour combines the classic, cool and effortlessly sexy vibes of Beyoncé while adding the rugged and legendary energy that Jay Z brings to every show.  Not to mention that the two lovebirds have an epic list of duets that can be nothing short of amazing live with soft smirks from Beyoncé and stolen kisses from Jay Z.  They are not the King and Queen of the music industry by chance, they’re known for their hard work and consistently bring fans the ultimate live experience.  Let’s not forget that Beyoncé will be donning outfits by Versace, Diesel and Alexander Wang, are you ready to get drunk in love?

 Click to see what Beyoncé and Jay Z have planned for ‘On The Run’ 2014

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