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First Date Survival Kit Every Woman Should Have

First Date Survival


There is nothing worse than having a horrible disaster happen on a first date. You need to be prepared for anything…and I mean ANYTHING. Your purse is your temple. Load it up with the absolute essentials for all the little mishaps. Whether you rip your dress, spill some red wine or have a little broccoli in your teeth, make sure you have the tools to redeem yourself.

Here is a first date survival kit that every woman should have:


  • Hand sanitizer – You never know where your date might take you so make sure you come prepared and germ-free


  • Tide-to-go – We have all done it. Whether its red wine, spaghetti sauce or even grease stains. Tide-to-go is a must for first dates to cover up those embarrassing stains.


  • Needle and thread – This may seem a little over-board, but trust me, you will encounter a problem that requires a needle and thread at some point in your life as a single woman.


  • Advil – This is more for if your date takes a wrong turn. You might need a little Advil to get your through the evening.


  • Deodorant – First dates are nerve racking, and sweaty pits are bound to happen.


  • Back up cash – It is pretty common at this day and age for the woman to help pay the bill. So keep a little cash on you just in case. Also, you never know when you might need a cab or have an emergency.


  • Toothbrush and dental floss – Ahhh the dreaded poppy seed! A woman’s worst nightmare when it comes to first dates. Always keep a toothbrush and some floss with you just in case you need to get rid of a little food in your teeth.


  • Mints/gum No one likes smelly breath, especially if you’re expecting a good night smooch. Carry around a pack of gum or preferably mints. A good product is Listerine strips. They’re fast dissolving and extremely effective and you won’t be chewing away like a baseball player.


  • Perfume/ body spray – Smell your best on your first date, just don’t give them a headache by spritzing too much.


  • Make-upPack up your fav lipstick, mascara, blush and powder so you can touch up later. And remember, sometimes less is more.


  • Lint roller – Just like you need to touch up your hair and make-up, you might need to touch up your clothes too- especially if you have a kitty at home.


  • Brush/comb – So your date decides to pick you up in a convertible. First thought… awesome… second thought… your hair. Take a brush with you to help tame your ‘convertible do’.


  • Band-Aids – Okay, this one might be a little on the unrealistic side, but you never know.


So before your date, come prepared! You never know when disaster might strike. You’ll have everything you need to rise to the challenge.