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Guess What Ladies – Even Victoria Beckham Is Insecure!

Guess What Ladies – Even Victoria Beckham Is Insecure!

By: Meri Temudo, Lifestyle Writer

From the outside Mrs. Victoria Beckham may seem like a composed, self assured woman who has life all figured out, but, recently a quote from her October issue of Vogue has caused a lot of stir both online and off with regards to her personal struggles and insecurities. She pens a very emotional letter to her 18-year old self that I’m sure we can all relate to – even if she has proven to be the picture of perfection now.

“I know you are struggling right now,” she wrote, “You are not the prettiest, or the thinnest, or the best at dancing at the Laine Theatre Arts college. You have never properly fitted in, although you are sharing your Surrey school digs with really nice girls. You have bad acne. You think the principal has put you at the back of the end-of-year show (in a humiliatingly bright purple Lycra leotard) because you are too plump to go at the front.”

While her letter is in fact hopeful, she does pose the idea that she too was made fun of, suffered from acne and even hated herself in spandex at one point in her life. It seems as though women are constantly comparing, wishing and trying to be someone other than themselves. It is actually comforting to know that in the wonderful world of celebrities, they too have struggles and heartache, body issues and are weary of their appearance. Victoria now married to one of the sexiest men alive – was, is in fact a real person.

Who would have thought?

“You are going to have so much fun with your clothes – PVC catsuits; chokers that say absurd things; weird spiky blonde hair. It will never occur to you that you appear ridiculous. You will turn up at awards ceremonies resembling a drag queen. But I look back at you and smile. It will add interest to your life to go from one extreme to another.”

Yes, Mrs. Beckham hates a lot of her fashion choices too. Do you ever just look at old photos and cringe at the un-touched, raw images of your former self and wonder why the heck you looked like that – you did, but you rocked it at the time. Even the most beautiful appearances get dated, celebrities just appear to have it all together.

It isn’t until much later on in life can we sit back and re-count the years that we spent uncomfortable and change our perception to mimic our very beautiful traits. It isn’t until we have children of our own, or life experiences that we realize that the day has come to embrace who we are as individuals, vastly different from one another.

Thank you Mrs. Beckham for letting us in on this piece of reality that we as women call our own struggle.


Featured image from Victoria Beckham’s Twitter