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Hair with Summer Flair

Summer Hairstyles

Summertime hairstyles are usually the most fun and the easiest to do.  Everyone lets their curls down and focuses on a more effortlessly chic look. If you’re looking for some hair-spiration, check out these top 5 summer hairstyles.


 Beachy Waves

Summer Hairstyles

The perfect loose wave after a long and relaxing day at the beach is a classic summer look. Follow these simple instructions to get the perfect beach wave without having to make the trip.



Sock It To Me

Summer Hairstyles

Sock buns are an easy fix to any morning hair disaster.  You can even buy hair donuts at most retail stores if you don’t have any extra socks lying around. Braids are a huge trend in the summer so switch up your ol’ faithful sock bun by adding a braid in the back.



Simply Braided

Summer Hairstyles

Side braids became immensely popular with the movie release of the Hunger Games; you couldn’t turn around without seeing a Katniss-esk braid. But it’s time to add a summer flair with a halo style braid that connects into your main braid. More the merrier!



Milkmaid Braid

Summer Hairstyles

Whether you’re looking to the runways or the mall for a new look, rest assured you will be seeing milkmaid braids everywhere.  It’s a great way to be stylish while keeping your hair out of the way  on a hot summer day.



Short Hair, Don’t Care

Summer Hairstyles

When it’s pushing 30 degrees celsius and your beach waves turn into a beach dud, it may be time for a cut.  If you’re feeling adventurous this summer why not chop of those locks and freshen up your style with this short style that is both chic and easy to maintain.



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