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JFL42: Jake And Amir

JFL42: Jake And Amir


JFL42, Toronto’s Comedy Festival is taking place from September 22-October 1, 2016. The festival features 42 amazing shows and other comedy related events. Fan favourites like Chris D’Elia, Trevor Noah, Roseanne Barr, Kumail Nanjiani and Margaret Cho headlined sets at venues all around Toronto.

As a lover of comedy and an all around supporter of the creative arts, I knew that I had to dive in and attend one of the 42 shows.

On Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to attend the Jake and Amir live podcast taping. Hailing from College Humor with their hit web series ‘Jake and Amir’, to their popular podcast ‘If I Were You’, the duo has a strong cult-like following. For the uninitiated, ‘If I Were You’ is an advice podcast, or as the pair jests “the only advice podcast on the internet”, that helps listeners answer their hard hitting problems. These hard hitting issues usually involve love, relationships, school, and all around millennial-age sticky situations.


The duo has released two videos a week for over four years, with each episode averaging more than 500,00 views. Their web series has won several awards including the Webby’s People Voice for Best Web Series in 2010 and was named one of PCMag’s top 15 best web-only shows.

Needless to say, the show did not disappoint. Jake and Amir’s playful nature and cheerfully making one another laugh reflected upon the enthusiastic audience. I have been a fan of theirs since their web series first began, back in 2007, and I can confidently say that their work really never gets old. This is due to the fact that they are constantly evolving to reflect the relevant and trending topics, and while their style has changed, their wit and humour only get better with age.


I would have no hesitations seeing them again next year if they attend the festival. After all, they said that Toronto was their favourite city 😉

To catch the tail end of the festival check out the schedule.

There are still many amazing and talented comedians that have yet to perform! Don’t miss out.


Featured image: by JFL