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Master Glass: CHIHULY at the ROM


Master Glass: CHIHULY at the ROM

If you’ve ever visited the Bellagio in Las Vegas, you’ve probably stood in awe of that GORGEOUS glass installation of vibrant and colourful flowers on the ceiling at the reception.

Whenever we walk through that hotel, we usually stop at this installation to take in all of it’s beautiful colours and intricate design, never knowing who’s behind it. That was until the CHIHULY exhibition kicked off at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) in Toronto. This American sculptor’s jaw-dropping glass work doesn’t end in Vegas; it turns out that Dale Chihuly is a world-renowned glass artist/sculptor with over 250 museum collections and incredible installations around the globe. It’s safe to say; he’s kind of a big deal. When we heard the news, we organized a Girl’s Day Out to the ROM to bask in masterpieces made from sand and fire. Why? Because the exhibition is brand new to Toronto, comes highly recommended and everyone needs a dose of arts & culture now and again. Plus this showcase is any photographer/Instagrammer’s dream!




We’ve officially declared CHIHULY a summer must-do and are glad to share that it’s on display at the ROM from now until January 2, 2017. You can buy tickets here. Before you do so, here’s a sneak peak of the exhibition but we fully recommend that you check out the real deal next time you’re in the city. And bring your camera!




We didn’t want to give it all away so here are just a few of our favourite snaps to give you a taste of what you’ll discover. As you might be able to tell from the photos, these brilliantly coloured works of art have an underlying theme- Nature. Does it ever fail to inspire? With life-sized under water scenes, gardens, forests, lightening bolts and ice, CHIHULY provided us with a magical sensory experience.




We’ve never seen glass work this experimental before; with light, colour and form all working together to create striking images that we’ll never forget.  All of the displays are quite large in size so we’re not lying when we tell everyone that it felt like being Alice in Wonderland walking through a dream world. Dale Chihuly’s interpretation of the natural world will definitely help you see new beauty and potential in everyday things. SO worth it!



Life can get so dull and so why not do everything you can to avoid FOMO this summer. Go see the CHIHULY exhibition in Toronto because it’s one thing to see colour in photos, and another to be surrounded by it. Enjoy! 

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