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New Age Social Media: Risk or Simple Sharing? Chrissy Teigen Takes A Stand

New Age Social Media: Risk or Simple Sharing? Chrissy Teigen Takes A Stand

Meri Temudo, Lifestyle Writer

We’ve all been there before, criticized and praised for something we have posted on social media. Perhaps it was the adorable photo of your puppy that got 100 likes, or the post work out selfie that received a lot of criticism. Whatever it was – it was put out for the world to see and judge without being filtered. Now imagine having millions of followers watching your every move, the good, the bad AND the ugly.

It’s no surprise that model, Chrissy Teigen has made her Twitter account private because quite simply, she “cannot handle it anymore”. The well-known social media maven who regularly vents her feelings online, has now gone on hiatus. Perhaps for good. It’s no wonder that this announcement comes directly after her friend Kim Kardashian’s recent scare with robbers taking over 10 million dollars worth of jewelry.

As well, many celebrities have also been weary of the new age social medium, Snapchat, simply because it is essentially a live stream of what a person is doing, whereas on Instagram you can post your photos at a later time. Snapchat leaves room for people to know exactly where you are when you are doing it. Recent stories emerged when Kylie Jenner was stalked and urged by her sisters to stop posting on the platform live because of the dangers involved. They suggested turning off their data on the Snapchat app and then posting the snaps later so that fans wouldn’t know where they were right away.

After-all, in the new age of technology it is very easy to follow one’s every move – especially celebrities, making them targets at risk of being tracked. Since changing her profile, Teigen now only allows followers approved by her to read her tweets and see her full profile. Smart move for most regular people, let alone big time celebrities!

Chrissy’s Instagram is still public, but she has banned certain hurtful words from appearing in her comments section. This is no surprise because clearly all the hate can get a person down after continuously hearing/seeing them daily -Not only mentally exhausting, but offensive too. In light of Teigen’s recent changes to social media, one has to think about whether or not their own personal accounts should be made public or private.

The difference between safety and potential risk. You weigh in. Let us know on Twitter what you think: @sheblogsmedia