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Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Prairie Girl Cupcakes

Prairie Girl Bakery’s slogan is “live life one cupcake at a time”. Now that is a moto we can get behind!

As girls who love to eat and have quite large sweet tooths, we jumped at the gracious invitation from Prairie Girl Bakery to join them for their Toronto showcase event, where we had the opportunity to learn about their products and services (and of course we weren’t upset when we found out there would be samples!).


Prairie Girl

The event featured their delectable cupcakes and masterful cakes. The classic flavours such as vanilla and chocolate were available for tasting, along with more unconventional (but just as yummy) flavours such as red velvet chocolate, banana chocolate and carrot cream cheese. The cupcakes are also available to order in gluten free and vegan varieties.


While the cupcakes were delicious, the real show stoppers of the night were the wedding cakes on display. The cake’s flowers were created so masterfully that they looked shockingly real. And did I mention that the cake took 85 hours to make! It is evident that so much love and artistry goes into them!



As the night came to a close, we were delighted to receive Prairie Girl’s cookbook with a personalized message and miniature cupcakes in hand.


Thank you Prairie Girl Cupcakes! We had an amazing night, and you will definitely see us eating your cupcakes again.

If you want to order to taste for yourself, you can call 3 days in advance, which is a lot more convenient than having to call in weeks in advance like other bakeries.

To learn more about Prairie Girl visit their website: