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An Homage To The Men of My Past  And what I’ve learned from each one Written by Sheba Arifulla; teacher, photographer and Queen of...


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Breakup Shakeup: 5 Best Books To Get You Over It Okay – so you guys weren’t on a break then, but now you most definitely are, and this...

Queen of Singledom

Dating Tips from the Queen of Singledom

Dating Tips from the Queen of Singledom Written by Sheba Arifulla; teacher, photographer and Queen of Singeldom @queensheba24 I’ve been...

Love and Relationships

You, In a Romantic Relationship


How To Tinder Like A Pro

We get it: tech can be scary. As someone whose daily struggle is simply to avoid pocket-dialing my creepy neighbour (hard to justify it as...


Aphrodisiacs: Truth or Myth?

Meet Jack Lamon. Since 2001, he’s been one of the worker/owners at Come As You Are Co-operative in Toronto. They are proudly the only...

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First Date Survival Kit Every Woman Should Have

  There is nothing worse than having a horrible disaster happen on a first date. You need to be prepared for anything…and I mean...

Dating Faux Pas

8 Dating Faux Pas You Know You’ve Made

8 Dating Faux Pas You Know You’ve Made Dating is hard. Whether you will admit it or not. The theory behind dating seems simple and...


Choosing to Love

Single Life

10 Must-Do’s Before You’re No Longer Single

10 Must-Do’s Before You’re No Longer Single You’re single and perhaps a little lonely at times, but things really aren’t all that...


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