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Rethinking Sun Care

Sun Care

Provided by L’Oréal Paris


For more than thirty years, L’Oréal has been involved in photo-protection research, putting forth more than 160 scientific publications in the field, contributing significantly to a better understanding of the molecular and biological effects of ultraviolet radiation on skin. This ultimately led to L’Oréal’s development of safe and efficient sun protection products.

Women are aware of the importance of both limiting sun exposure during the day’s most intense hours and of protecting the face and body with an appropriate sun protection product in order to maintain the skin’s natural beauty. As a result, they are becoming more and more educated about the damage that UV rays can cause on the skin: it’s not only about sunburn or premature skin aging, but also about irreversible damage on cellular DNA that could potentially lead to skin cancer.


To enjoy the pleasures of sunbathing without any doubts, it’s crucial to provide the skin with the most effective sun protection. Thanks to the pleasant textures available on the market, women are becoming increasingly eager to apply and reapply several times during the day, maximizing their sun protection.

With Sublime Sun, women no longer have to choose between protection and radiance: now they can have the most beautiful protected skin under the sun, instantly and over time.


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